Cook a Better Carrot

Slow-Cooked Whole Carrots

Who would ever slow-cook whole carrots for an hour? We would—if the results were superbly concentrated flavor and dense, meaty texture from end to end.

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Belly Buster

Crispy Slow-Roasted Pork Belly

Cure and smoke pork belly and you’ve got bacon. Roast the belly instead and you’ve got the ultimate pork entrée.

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Secrets of Salting

Most recipes (and culinary schools) advise seasoning food with salt early in the cooking process, not just at the end. But does the timing really matter?

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Mix it Up

Mixing Bowls

This most basic piece of cooking equipment might not seem worthy of scrutiny—until you have one that wobbles when you whisk, slips in your hand, or traps food in its crevices.

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No Flattop, No Problem

Philly Cheesesteaks

We set out to reproduce this classic sandwich without the pricey rib eye, a deli slicer, or a flattop griddle.

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Garlic, Unpeeled

Garlic Tips and Techniques

There are a number of methods for removing stubborn garlic skins, but some work better than others. Here are a few we prefer here in the test kitchen.

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Porky Pasta

Foolproof Spaghetti Carbonara

An overload of fat makes a smooth, stable sauce for this classic Roman pasta. But could we dial back the fat and still have a velvety consistency?

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Mature Grilled Cheese

Grown-Up Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Cheddar and Shallot

The grilled cheese conundrum: Young cheeses have no taste but melt perfectly, while aged cheeses have sophisticated flavor but turn grainy. We wanted the best of both worlds.

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