Kitchen Workhorse

Rimmed Baking Sheets

A rimmed baking sheet is essential for sheet cakes and handy for cookies. But if yours is flimsy or you use it only for baking, you’re not getting your money’s worth.

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Meaty Details

The Secrets of Seasoning Meat

Should you sprinkle your pork chop and turkey breast with the same amount of salt? Not if you want them to taste right.

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Serving a Roast

Carving Boards

Clever features on new carving boards promise easier carving and serving. But does clever always mean useful?

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Understanding Crispy Fried Foods

We take a closer look at the purpose of batters on fried foods. What do they do, and how do they work?

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Time Saver

How to Soften Butter

Taking too long for your butter to come to room temperature on its own? Try this quick alternative.

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Shopping Tip

How to Buy the Freshest Eggs

Unless you own chickens, you need to know how to spot fresh eggs at the supermarket—and all the information you need is right on the carton. 

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Favorite Foods

The Best Way to Ripen Avocados

In this video, we unpack the science of how avocados ripen, and put a ripening hack to the test.

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The Secret to a Crackly Pie Crust

Moistening the top crust of an unbaked pie enables the pastry to grip and dissolve more sugar, which turns candylike during baking. 

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