How Tos

  • Yellow Peaches versus White Peaches

    Can white peaches be used interchangeably with yellow peaches?

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  • Don't Toss Expired Cocoa Powder

    We ran a couple of kitchen tests to see if really old cocoa powder was still fine to use.

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  • How to Shop for Cucumbers

    Gone are the days when supermarkets sold only one type of cucumber.

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  • Oregano: Mediterranean and Mexican

    Whether you use Mediterranean or Mexican oregano can impact a recipe's taste.

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  • How to Pit and Peel Peaches

    What's the best way to peel a peach? It depends on the fruit's ripeness.

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  • How to Prevent Hot Milk from Sticking to the Pan

    Constantly scraping the pan bottom isn't practical. So what is?

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  • How to Store Leftover Fruit Pie

    Does fruit pie fare better left on the counter or stored in the refrigerator?

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  • Pastry Brush versus Silicone Brush

    If you're equal parts cook and baker, consider keeping both types of brushes in your kitchen.

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