How Tos

  • How to Cook Shishito Peppers

    You’ve probably seen these Japanese peppers on restaurant menus, and now they’re popping up at farmers’ markets and supermarkets. Here’s what to do with them.

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  • Melting Wafers: The Key to Easier Tempering?

    They simplify the tempering process—but how do they taste?

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  • What's the Shelf Life of Dry Vermouth?

    Dry vermouth is a shelf-stable substitute for white wine. How long will an open bottle of it last?

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  • Does Rinsing Canned Beans Remove Sodium?

    Given that we often drain and rinse beans before use, we were curious: Exactly how much sodium does that wash away? To find out, we sent cans of beans to a lab for analysis.

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  • The Differences Between Thai and Italian Basil

    What is Thai basil, and can you use Italian basil in its place?

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  • Grating Cheese Too Far In Advance

    Does grating cheese before you need it affect its flavor?

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  • The Best Way to Cook Turkey Bacon

    Package instructions are always either too vague or inconsistent. We knew we could do better.

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  • For the Hottest Coffee, Preheat Your Mug

    Preheating ensures that most of the heat stays in your drink instead of being absorbed by the mug. To prove this, we conducted a test kitchen experiment.

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  • What To Do With Beans After Using Them as Pie Weights

    Dried beans are a great alternative to pie weights when blind-baking a pie crust. Can you cook and eat them after using them to blind bake a pie?

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  • The Best Way to Determine Caramel's Doneness

    No surprise: It's by temperature, not color.

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  • Using a Low Oven versus Sous Vide

    To compare these two methods, we cooked a 1-pound pork tenderloin each way then took each roast's temperature. Here's how the two approaches measured up.

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  • Parchment Paper versus Waxed Paper

    Parchment paper is the only option when it comes to baking, but it’s expensive. Can you use waxed paper for everything else?

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  • How To Determine When to Retire Your Rasp-Style Grater

    Think your rasp-grater has lost its edge? Use this test to find out for sure.

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