• Who Knew?

    Here at Cook’s Illustrated, we’re not about celebrity chefs or luxury travel or lifestyle anything. We’re about one thing: getting into the kitchen and cooking. That might seem like a narrow focus but, in fact, cooking is an inexhaustible subject. Just when you think you know everything about some dish or ingredient, you find out there’s more to it.

    Sometimes you discover something about an ingredient that affects how you should cook it. The particular nature of the fiber in cauliflower, for example, led us to a technique that creates a creamy sauce for our Modern Cauliflower Gratin without any actual cream. And what we learned about how the skin of ordinary beans interacts with acid led to the perfect compromise between saving time and imbuing flavor in our recipe for New England Baked Beans.

    And sometimes what you discover is that something you already knew applies to the cooking situation you’re in right now. Read our story “The Easiest Carrot Side Dish,” and you’ll discover why Andrea Geary found herself recalling her French culinary instructor striding through the kitchen bellowing, “Salty like the SEA!” Turns out he knew what he was bellowing about.

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