Equipment Reviews

  • Best Coffee Maker (Automatic Drip)

    The success of our favorite—but very pricey—Dutch automatic drip model spurred the launch of new rivals. Could any brew a great cup with less pain to our wallets?

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  • Butter Keepers

    Butter keepers promise to keep sticks fresh-tasting, so we stored unwrapped butter in seven keepers ($5 to $35) for several weeks and tasted them daily.

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  • Mushroom Growing Kit

    Gardeners might enjoy this mushroom growing kit, but it didn’t quite deliver on its promises.

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  • Pour-Over Coffee Brewers

    Coffee enthusiasts love manual pour-over brewing devices because they let you control water temperature and steeping time—both key to a good cup.

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  • Coffee Temperature Regulator

    These stainless-steel capsules regulate the temperature of hot beverages, provided that you use them in a travel mug.

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  • Tortilla Presses

    Homemade tortillas are a cinch when you've got a tortilla press up your sleeve.

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  • Large-Capacity Digital Kitchen Scale

    Do you need a kitchen scale that can weigh ingredients up to 22 pounds?

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  • Brioche Pans

    We tested four large brioche pans, 8 to 8½ inches in diameter, rating them on handling and release, browning, crumb structure, and the shape of the finished loaves.

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