• Spice-Rubbed Steak on the Grill

    Done wrong, this dish resembles a dusty old boot. But apply some science with your rub and you have a bold way to dress up a less expensive cut.

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  • Best Crab Cakes

    Who says great crab cakes have to start with fresh-from-the-shell crabmeat? We wanted briny, sweet-tasting results—no matter what the starting point.

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  • Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps

    Stringy, tasteless meat can mar this easy stir-fry served in lettuce cups. A classic Chinese technique came to the rescue.

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  • Fresh Pasta Without a Machine

    Pasta made from scratch delivers eggy-rich ribbons with springy yet delicate chew. But what if, instead of a pasta roller, you have only a rolling pin?

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  • Italian Vegetable Stew (Ciambotta)

    Like its French sibling, ciambotta starts out with a slew of watery vegetables. But the right steps create a stew that’s hearty, more concentrated, and deeply satisfying.

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  • Grilled Spicy Pork Tacos (al Pastor)

    This taqueria staple features juicy, spit-roasted marinated pork that’s crispy at the edges and fork-tender within. Could we achieve that same trademark texture on the grill?

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  • Classic Chicken Salad

    Cooking chicken to precisely the right degree of doneness guarantees tender, juicy results. Poaching is one way, but we had a better, more foolproof idea.

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  • Rethinking Bean Dips

    For creamy, complex-tasting bean dips, we began by removing some of the beans.

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  • Indian Flatbread (Naan)

    We set out to reproduce the charred exterior and tender interior of naan baked in a tandoor—but without the 1,000-degree heat.

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  • Carrot Layer Cake

    This American classic has a lot going for it: moist cake, delicate spice, tangy cream cheese frosting. If only it were handsome enough to serve to company.

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  • Graters

    A box grater has always been the go-to tool for shredding cheese and vegetables by hand. But given that most of us only ever use one side, shouldn’t there be something better?

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