Equipment Reviews

  • Coolers

    The difference between a good cooler and a great one isn’t add-ons like cup holders and telescoping handles. The decisive element is much more fundamental: air.

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  • Springform Pans

    Our favorite springform pan from features handles that make it easy to remove from a water bath and a tempered glass bottom that lets us track browning. Could we find one that was even better?

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  • Grilling Baskets for Whole Fish

    Fish baskets can make the task of wrestling whole fish off the grill a lot less dicey.

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  • Asian/Western Manual Knife Sharpeners

    Could a manual sharpener perform just as well as an electric one for a fraction of the cost?

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  • iDevices iGrill Wireless Cooking Thermometer

    What could be better than a remote thermometer that talks to your iPhone, transmitting constant readouts of your meat’s temperature and even predicting when it will be done?

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  • Zoku Quick Pop Maker

    Is it worth nearly $50 to have faster homemade ice pops?

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