How We Test

We rigorously test equipment in search of products that offer the best value and performance. It's not enough for us to say one product is better than another—we have to figure out the reasons.

We accept no advertising, making it possible to provide completely unbiased, no-nonsense product reviews as well as an in-depth approach to recipe development.

This Week's Winners

Coffee for One

Single-Serve Pod Coffee Makers

We rounded up five single-serve pod coffee makers and gave them a try, brewing coffee and tasting the results. One machine emerged as the clear winner—it held up well in user tests and also managed to satisfy our panel of tasters.

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Attention to Detail

Paring Knives

A chef's knife is indispensable, but for detail work—from coring fruit to trimming silverskin—smaller, more maneuverable paring knives are far better tools. Our winning, razor-sharp paring knife is comfortable and well proportioned.

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Bottle Service

Electric Wine Openers

Are electric wine openers really handy or just another gimmicky gadget? Out of three models we tested, our favorite electric opener works just as well, and with far less effort, as our favorite manual tool—making it a great for opening multiple bottles for a party.

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Hot Stuff

Grill Pans

Our favorite grill pan turned in a stellar performance, with tall ridges that kept food positioned above fat; the largest cooking surface; great cast-iron heat retention; and an enamel coating that’s easy to clean and even survived 20 dishwasher cycles.

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