Perfect Timing

Soft-Cooked Eggs

The usual approach is hit or miss. We cooked more than 1,000 eggs to develop a truly reliable method that delivers a tender, set white and a fluid yolk every time.

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A Blender That Lasts

Retesting Blenders

When our affordable favorite went kaput after less than a year, we had to wonder: How much would we need to spend for durability and a little peace of mind?

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Knife Skills

Segmenting Oranges

Removing the bitter membrane from oranges is an essential step in recipes that use this citrus fruit.

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Making the Cut

Chef's Knives, Updated

One chef’s knife has been a champ in our kitchen for nearly two decades. Can any other blade come close to offering what it does—and at a bargain price?

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A Closer Look

Understanding Gluten

Gluten—an elastic protein that has the ability to trap air, much like a balloon—is formed when two important proteins in wheat flour bond together in the presence of water. See and feel gluten with this simple kitchen experiment.

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Comfort Food Staple

Rigatoni with Beef and Onion Ragu

We knew that the meat in this Neapolitan gravy would add big savory flavor. What we learned in the making was that the other key player—the onions—would, too.

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Decadent Dessert

Triple-Chocolate Mousse Cake

Each distinct layer highlights a different chocolate flavor and requires unique preparation. Our recipe lets you build the entire cake in a single pan.

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Citrus Season

Lemon Chiffon Pie

We love the elegant simplicity of lemon chiffon pie. We use a combination of cornstarch and gelatin to get a creamy pie and add a burst of lemon flavor by tucking a layer of lemon curd beneath the chiffon.

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