Can It Taste Good?

Tomato Soup

Canned tomato soup is often disappointing, loaded with salt and sugar to prop up processed, flavorless ingredients. Does any brand actually taste like tomato?

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Notes on Oats

Steel-Cut Oats

Judging from the brands and styles cramming supermarket shelves, there's an oat for almost every taste. Are any better for breakfast or for baking?

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Breakfast in a Box

Pancake Mixes

What’s the secret to the best from-the-box pancakes? Here’s a hint: They don’t mix with water.

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Versatile Preserves

Apricot Preserves

We like the deep, sweet-tart flavor of apricot jam on toast, but it’s also a pantry staple for the bakers in the test kitchen.

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Pulp Fiction

Orange Juice

Many orange juice brands market their product as "fresh." Are they telling the truth? Which is the best of these breakfast staples?

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Holiday Time-Saver

Ready-Made Pie Crusts

Many store-bought pie crust options are grim: dense and doughy or greasy and cracker-crisp. Could we find a crust that’s closer to homemade?

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Buying the Bird


Turkey is pretty bland, so why pay $100 for a mail-order bird when supermarket options cost less than $2 a pound?

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Egg Whites in a Package

Processed Egg Whites

How do these packaged products compare to fresh egg whites—both in taste and performance?

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