Dark Choices

Dark Chocolate

It’s easy to find a great snacking chocolate. But cooking is different: Choosing the right dark chocolate can make the difference between a dessert that’s flawless and one that’s a flop.

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Go Hard

Hard Apple Cider

Most of us associate cider with the unfiltered apple juice that appears in supermarkets every fall, but before Prohibition the word “cider” meant what we know today as “hard cider,” an alcoholic drink made from fermented apple juice.

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Can it Deliver?

Fire-Roasted Tomatoes

Could canned, diced fire-roasted tomatoes deliver the smoky complexity of fresh? We gathered three nationally available diced fire-roasted tomato products to find out.

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Creamy, Salty, Delicious

Salted Butter

There are plenty of butters out there. Could we find one worth its salt?

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As Good as Italy’s

Supermarket Prosciutto

A new surge of grab ’n’ go packages means you no longer have to wait at the deli counter to have this cured pork sliced by hand. But does “convenience” prosciutto make the cut?

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Crunch Test

Bread Crumbs

Two styles of bread crumbs and seven determined contenders. The battle for big crunch and good grip was on.

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Salsa from the Shelf

Jarred Medium Salsa

In an ideal world, we’d always make homemade salsa. In the real world, when we’re pressed for time, we rely on the open-the-jar convenience of store-bought. But the sheer number of products and variations is daunting. Which tastes best?

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Sampling Sausage

Frozen Sausage Breakfast Links

Plump and juicy with hints of sweetness and spice, sausage links are a staple of a hearty breakfast.

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