Sweet, Tart

Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit juice runs the gamut in terms of tartness and sweetness. We put five nationally available brands to the test to see if we could find a well-balanced juice.

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Porky Complexity

Supermarket Prosciutto

A new surge of grab ’n’ go packages means you no longer have to wait at the deli counter to have this cured pork sliced by hand. But does “convenience” prosciutto make the cut?

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Dark Bars

Dark Chocolate

It’s easy to find a great snacking chocolate. But cooking is different: Choosing the right dark chocolate can make the difference between a dessert that’s flawless and one that’s a flop.

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Fall Treat

Hard Apple Cider

We tasted four nationally available hard ciders both plain and cooked in recipes.

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Jam Session

Apricot Preserves

We tasted five top-selling products plain and in our Cook's Illustrated French Apple Tart.

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Holiday Time-Saver

Ready-Made Pie Crusts

Many store-bought pie crust options are grim: dense and doughy or greasy and cracker-crisp. Could we find a crust that’s closer to homemade?

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Coffee Break

Supermarket Medium Roast Coffee

Decades after they convinced Americans to drink ultradark French and Italian roasts, the producers of blackened beans are coming out with lighter options. So how’s the coffee?

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Bring Home the Bacon

Supermarket Bacon

More and more thick slabs of “butcher cut” bacons are sharing the shelves with thinner traditional strips. Does brawnier mean better?

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