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Like an Extra-Virgin


Like an Extra-Virgin

Extra-virgin olive oil plays a key role in many of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes. You want to make sure you're using the best best product available on the biggest cooking day of the year.


Olive oil, which is simply juice pressed from olives, tastes great when it’s fresh. The highest grade, called extra-virgin, is lively, bright, and full-bodied at its best, with flavors that range from peppery to buttery depending on the variety of olives used and how ripe they are when harvested. (In general, an earlier harvest yields greener, more peppery oil; a later harvest results in a mellower, more golden oil.) But like any other fresh fruit, olives ...

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Olive Hands on Deck

It’s a packed house in the test kitchen library as our team of tasters tackles an array of unlabeled samples of extra-virgin olive oils.

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