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Who Makes the Best Medium-Roast Coffee?


Who Makes the Best Medium-Roast Coffee?

Decades after they convinced Americans to drink ultradark French and Italian roasts, the producers of blackened beans are coming out with lighter options. So, how do they compare?


Well into the late 1990s, most of the coffee consumed in this country was a medium roast. This was the classic American cup: lighter and more acidic than today’s espresso-dark brew. Lighter coffees prevailed in part because they maximized yield: The less coffee companies roasted the beans the more weight they retained and turned into profit. It took West Coast coffeehouse roasters like Peet’s and Starbucks to show us another side of coffee flavor. They began ...

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Olive Hands on Deck

It’s a packed house in the test kitchen library as our team of tasters tackles an array of unlabeled samples of extra-virgin olive oils.

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Get Cultured by the Best Yogurt

See which brands wowed our tasting panel.

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