Reheating Hints

Reheating Leftover Turkey

Reheating leftover turkey sounds easy enough, but doing so with good results is more challenging than it might seem. Here's how to tackle reheating different parts of the bird.

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Basic Butchery

Boning a Split Chicken Breast

Buying bone-in chicken breasts and removing the bones at home is often the only option when your recipe requires boneless chicken breasts with skin intact. Here's an easy way to bone them.

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Better Bacon

Crisp-Tender Bacon Every Time

Here’s a simple technique for making bacon that’s crisp and tender instead of dry and crumbly.

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The Science of Cooking

What Is Gluten, Anyway?

Gluten—an elastic protein that has the ability to trap air, much like a balloon—is formed when two important proteins in wheat flour, glutenin and gliadin, bond together in the presence of water.

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Dinner Party Menu

Indoor Barbecue

If you're craving some good, old-fashioned barbecue but don't want to brave the cold to stand over the grill this time of year, we've got you covered.

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Food Storage Tip

Keeping Zested Lemons Juicy

Zested lemons often become dry, shriveled, and hard before anyone gets a chance to juice them. What’s the best way to store lemons once their zest has been removed?

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Good Greens

Unwilting Lettuce

Will soaking wilted lettuce in ice water and vinegar crisp it up more quickly than just soaking it in water? We ran some tests to find out. 

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Better After Brining

Why You Should Brine Fish

If you brine meat, should you brine fish? We found that yes, you should send your fish back to water one last time before cooking for moister, more flavorful flesh.

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