We’ve added new functionality to help customers easily navigate across our three recipe websites:,, and

New Cross-Site Features

  • Universal Account

    Use one account and password across our three recipe websites.


    You can now use just one account, username, and password across our network of sites. We’ve also created a new account management area where you can change and update your profile, account, and online membership information.

  • Cross-Site Login

    Log in once & stay logged in across all three recipe websites.


    Log in once and stay logged into all three of our recipe websites. This means you’ll only have to enter your email address and password once to access,, and

  • Get search results from all three of our recipe websites.


    See recipes, videos, and reviews from only the websites you specify.

    When you see the lock next to a result, you’ll have to sign in or upgrade to view that piece of content.

  • Cross-Site Favorites

    Find your go-to recipes from any site in one place.


    Save your favorite recipes, videos, or reviews from any of our three recipe websites in one place. You can easily browse your favorites based on content type or recipe type.

New Membership Options

  • Registration
    Get FREE access to recipes, videos and more from the most recent season of our two TV shows.
  • Standard Membership
    Access all the recipe, rating, and video content from one of our three recipe websites.
  • Premium Membership
    Upgrade your Standard Membership with nearly 1,000 additional recipes from our premium Cookbook Collection.
  • Multi-Site Membership
    Get complete, all-inclusive access to all three of our recipe websites, plus our premium Cookbook Collection with just one membership.
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