Penne Arrabbiata

Published January 1, 2016.

What’s the trick to making this classic Italian sauce spicy but balanced? More chiles.

Pasta e Ceci (Pasta with Chickpeas)

Published November 1, 2015.

Pasta and chickpeas is a homey Italian standard. Our tweaks added depth but not fuss.

Sausage Meatballs and Spaghetti

Published September 1, 2015.

A good meatball is tender enough to cut with a fork; sausage is inherently firm and springy. So is there any way to make a tender sausage meatball?

Science: The Secrets of Cooking Rice

Published July 1, 2015.

Despite what many cookbooks suggest, rice-to-water ratios can’t simply be scaled up proportionally.

Fried Brown Rice with Pork and Shrimp

Published July 1, 2015.

We figured out a single substitution that both eliminates the need for leftover rice and makes the dish less greasy.

Modern Succotash

Published July 1, 2015.

Move over, limas. A new type of bean relieves this side dish of its suffering.

Israeli Couscous with Lemon, Mint, Peas, Feta, and Pickled Shallots

Published July 1, 2015.

These pasta pearls can revitalize a picnic salad—but first you have to cook them right.

Farro Salad with Asparagus, Sugar Snap Peas, and Tomatoes

Published May 1, 2015.

We were sold on this nutty grain even before we realized how fast and easy it is to cook.

Tagliatelle with Prosciutto and Peas

Published March 1, 2015.

An ingredient from Switzerland—not Italy—takes this classic to a new level.

Drunken Beans

Published January 1, 2015.

Cooking beans with beer and bacon can deliver results as full-flavored and satisfying as a rich stew—or it can lead to a pot of bitter, boozy beans.

Pasta with Beans, Chard, and Rosemary

Published November 1, 2014.

Most versions of this one-dish meal throw a key ingredient down the drain.

Tagliatelle with Artichokes and Olive Oil

Published September 1, 2014.

Pasta paired with artichoke hearts is an Italian favorite. We’d love it, too, if we didn’t have to trim, steam, and extract the hearts.

Rice and Lentils with Crispy Onions (Mujaddara)

Published September 1, 2014.

Our new method for frying onions delivers crispy, ultrasavory results that make this fragrantly spiced Middle Eastern classic—and many other dishes—richly satisfying.

Pasta Frittata with Sausage and Hot Peppers

Published July 1, 2014.

Throwing together eggs and last night’s pasta is one way to make this dish. But for the ideal—a creamy interior encased in crispy strands—skip the leftovers and start from scratch.

Singapore Noodles

Published July 1, 2014.

The trademark of this Hong Kong stir-fry is its bold curry flavor, but all that curry powder creates a dusty texture. Time for a little innovation.

Fusilli with Ricotta and Spinach

Published May 1, 2014.

To successfully combine ricotta and spinach outside pasta (instead of stuffed into it), you need to know when to add the cheese.

Rice and Pasta Pilaf

Published May 1, 2014.

How do you get rice and pasta to cook up fluffy and tender in one pot? With a good soak.

Rigatoni with Beef and Onion Ragu

Published November 1, 2013.

We knew that the meat in this Neapolitan gravy would add big savory flavor. What we learned in the making was that the other key player—the onions—would, too.

Summer Pasta Puttanesca

Published September 1, 2013.

A bumper crop of sweet, ripe tomatoes can brighten the pungent flavors of this Italian classic—or leave the noodles drowning in a waterlogged sauce.

Pasta with Pesto, Potatoes, and Green Beans

Published July 1, 2013.

This classic dish comes from the Liguria region of Italy, where pasta and pesto are paired with a surprising ingredient: potatoes.

Brown Rice Salad with Jalapenos, Tomatoes, and Avocado

Published July 1, 2013.

When we set out to create bold-tasting salads full of contrasting flavors and textures, we stumbled on a whole new—and better—way to cook brown rice.

Pasta All'Amatriciana

Published January 1, 2013.

To perfect this controversial Italian dish, we looked to a staple of the American larder.

Fresh Pasta Without a Machine

Published May 1, 2012.

Pasta made from scratch delivers eggy-rich ribbons with springy yet delicate chew. But what if, instead of a pasta roller, you have only a rolling pin?

Spaghetti al Vino Bianco

Published March 1, 2012.

We’d heard about pasta cooked in red wine, but its tannic flavor and gray color left us cold. Could white wine come to the rescue?

Ragu alla Bolognese

Published November 1, 2011.

Our goal was the richest, most savory interpretation of this famous meat sauce. But how many meats did that require—and would the dairy have to go?

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