Easy Salmon Cakes

Published July 1, 2011.

What’s a nice fresh fillet doing mixed up in a fried cake? Three good reasons: a crispy exterior, a moist interior, and a super-simple cooking technique.

Grilled Scallops

Published May 1, 2011.

A blazing-hot fire can render scallops beautifully crisp on the outside and juicy within—or cement them to the grates like carbonized hockey pucks.

Better Baked Sole Fillets

Published March 1, 2011.

Delicate sole demands precise timing and a gentle touch. Was there a way to roll those requirements into a more fail-safe approach?

Glazed Salmon

Published January 1, 2011.

Glazed salmon usually falls victim to the harsh heat of the broiler. We turned down the heat to bump up the flavor.

Greek-Style Shrimp with Tomatoes and Feta

Published September 1, 2010.

This easy weeknight Greek dish defies the old saw that seafood and cheese do not work together. If, that is, you get every element just right.

Stir-Fried Shrimp

Published July 1, 2010.

If meat and shrimp behave vastly differently when cooked, why are most shrimp stir-fries just a surf-for-turf protein swap?

Charcoal-Grilled Tuna Steaks with Red Wine Vinegar and Mustard Vinaigrette

Published May 1, 2010.

Ideally, grilled tuna should combine a hot, smoky, charred exterior with a cool, rare, sashimi-like center. So how do you make fish that’s both very hot and very cool?

Skillet-Roasted Fish Fillets

Published March 1, 2010.

Tough crusts and overcooked interiors plague most pan-roasted fish fillets. To produce beautiful slabs of moist fish, we started by searing just one side.

Prepping Scallops

Published November 1, 2009.

Sea scallops are often sold with an extra piece of muscle attached to the side. If left on the shellfish, it will cook up tough and flavorless. Here’s how to remove it.

Wet Vs. Dry Scallops

Published November 1, 2009.

Wet scallops have been treated with chemicals to extend their shelf-life. If you are unsure which kind you purchased, here is a quick way to tell for sure.

Pan-Seared Scallops

Published November 1, 2009.

Searing the scallops in batches ensures they will all cook through completely and evenly.

Shrimp Tempura

Published May 1, 2009.

To create a light, crisp coating on these quick-fried fritters, we turned to our liquor cabinet.

Gas-Grilled Salmon Fillets

Published May 1, 2009.

It’s not the seasoning or the cooking that’s confounding. It’s getting the fish off the grill in one piece.

Buying the Right Size of Shrimp

Published May 1, 2009.

The problem with buying shrimp is that there’s no standard for labeling them, so one store’s jumbo may be the next one’s large. But there is another method to ensure that you're getting the right size shrimp.

Cod Baked In Foil

Published March 1, 2009.

Unless you’re a whiz at origami, parchment-baked fish can be long on labor. Here’s how we foiled the problem.

Garlicky Shrimp Pasta

Published November 1, 2008.

We find a way to cook with delicate shrimp, volatile garlic, and a generous amount of oil without making a mess of our kitchen.

Crunchy Oven-Fried Fish

Published September 1, 2008.

Oven-fried fish is typically fraught with soggy coatings and dry, overcooked flesh. We set out to bake flaky fillets in an ultracrisp crust.

Storing Fish

Published September 1, 2008.

Here's what to do if you need to store the fish for more than one day.

Buying Frozen Fish

Published September 1, 2008.

Fresh fish isn't always preferable to frozen fish. We tell you which types of fish you can confidently buy frozen.

Poached Salmon with Herb and Caper Vinaigrette

Published May 1, 2008.

Poaching rarely lives up to its promise to produce silken, delicately flavored fish. We set out to eliminate chalky, tasteless poached salmon for good.

Removing Salmon Skin

Published May 1, 2008.

Removing the skin from poached salmon after cooking is a simple task. By using a wide, flat spatula, the skin slides off easily in one piece.

Doneness in Fish

Published May 1, 2008.

When cooking fish, there are two ways to check for doneness. For thick fillets, use a thermometer. For thinner cuts, peek at the inside with a knife.

Removing Pinbones From Fish

Published May 1, 2008.

A fewtricks make it easy to remove pinbones from fish. The key is to first find them, then use tweezers or pliers to remove them.

Oven-Roasted Salmon

Published March 1, 2008.

Most recipes for salmon create either a nicely browned exterior or a silky, moist interior. Why shouldn't we have our salmon both ways?

Spanish-Style Garlic Shrimp

Published January 1, 2008.

We’ve taken a Spanish tapas classic and translated it into a dish that’s easy to prepare at home. The marinade will deliver the garlic flavor to the shrimp.

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