How To Thanksgiving 2019Ingredients Worth Buying

Ingredients Worth Buying

Great recipes start with great ingredients. We've tasted hundreds of products to determine which ones you need for a flawless holiday meal.

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[object Object]Supermarket Turkey

The holidays are no time to gamble on a bird that cooks up dry and bland—or, wor…

[object Object]Heritage Turkeys

Heritage turkeys forage for food and live twice as long as modern birds. They ca…

[object Object]Packaged Stuffing (Stovetop Stuffing Mixes)

In just 10 minutes, you can have a side dish for a holiday roast or weeknight di…

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[object Object]Chicken Broth

Just about every broth in the supermarket amounts to a science project of flavor…

[object Object]Ready-Made Pie Crusts

We have high standards for pastry pie crust. Is there a supermarket option that …

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[object Object]Frozen Dinner Rolls

When there isn't time to make fresh dinner rolls, the frozen variety can be a te…

[object Object]Vanilla Extract

In the battle of pure versus imitation extracts, could we declare a winner?

[object Object]Vegetarian Broth

More vegetables, better broth? We tasted a slew of products and discovered that,…

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[object Object]Canned Pumpkin

What’s the best canned pumpkin?

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[object Object]Black Peppercorns

You only use a grind or two on your food, so does it really matter what brand of…

[object Object]All-Purpose Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oil should stay behind the scenes, whether you’re baking, sautéing, or…

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[object Object]Milk Chocolate Chips

Most of us associate milk chocolate with supermarket candy bars and foil-wrapped…

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[object Object]Red Wine Vinegar

Does aging make a difference in vinegar, or does it all boil down to the grapes …

[object Object]Garlic Powder

When it comes to garlic powder, which brand comes out on top?

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[object Object]Salted Butter

There are plenty of butters out there. Could we find one worth its salt?

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[object Object]Dark Chocolate Chips

With chocolate chips now coming in different shapes, sizes, and even cacao perce…

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[object Object]Supermarket Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Often dull or even rancid-tasting, supermarket olive oils never seem to live up …

[object Object]Bread Crumbs

Two styles of bread crumbs and seven determined contenders. The battle for big c…

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[object Object]Hard Apple Cider

We tasted four nationally available hard ciders both plain and cooked in recipes…

[object Object]Dijon Mustard

What traits guarantee a Dijon mustard that packs a wallop of clean heat and bala…

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[object Object]Sherry

In the test kitchen, we use sherry in a variety of recipes. Does it matter what …

[object Object]Graham Crackers

We tasted three top-selling national brands to see which came out on top.

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[object Object]Maple Syrup

Maple syrup continues to be produced on small farms in the same low-tech way tha…

[object Object]Wild Rice

Who knew wild rice was actually an aquatic grass? See which brand swam to the to…

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[object Object]Ready-Made Graham Cracker Crusts

When a homemade crumb crust isn’t an option, is a store-bought crust an acceptab…

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[object Object]Supermarket Balsamic Vinegar

In recent years, Italy has created a new set of guidelines for mass-produced bal…

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[object Object]Supermarket Whipped Toppings

Are supermarket whipped toppings any good?

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[object Object]Supermarket Honey

To find the best supermarket honey, we selected five top-selling honeys—three tr…

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[object Object]Apple Cider Vinegar

Mellow, punchy, sweet, subtle: Could we find a cider vinegar that has it all?

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[object Object]Cinnamon

Labels touting origin imply there’s more to this standby spice than there once …

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[object Object]Gruyère Cheese

The right Gruyère is buttery and complex, is pleasantly firm and dense, and melt…

[object Object]Crumbled Blue Cheese

Is crumbled blue cheese any good?

[object Object]Dry Vermouth

Could we find a bottle that would do double duty for cooking and cocktails?

[object Object]Soy Sauce

Savory, fragrant, umami-rich soy sauce is a staple in American kitchens. But ch…

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[object Object]Ready-to-Bake Biscuits

Are ready-to-bake biscuits any good?

[object Object]Black Peppercorns

Black pepper has been used in cooking for centuries, but we still have a lot to …

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[object Object]Sweet Vermouth

Sweet vermouth is a drink steeped in tradition. Does it matter which one you buy…

[object Object]Lard

This creamy, white pork fat used to be America’s mainstream choice for baking an…

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[object Object]Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate bars are often dismissed as candy for kids, but we found some tha…

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[object Object]Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

There have been lots of changes in the olive oil world since we last tested supe…

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[object Object]White Chocolate Chips

With so many products and so many different names, shopping for white chocolate …

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[object Object]Cornmeal

Cornmeal differences abound, as do cornbread preferences. Do you lean toward ten…

[object Object]Fontina

We tasted eight cheeses, from authentic Fontina Val d'Aosta to the many versions…

[object Object]Sparkling Water

Our tasters wanted prominent bubbles and a clean, crisp flavor. Which products f…

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