Easy Chicken Cutlet Dinner

Published January 8, 2008.

After making numerous bitter or burnt versions of our Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Cutlets, we found the secret to success was how the cheese was grated. Serve alongside our aromatic cumin and coriander flavored Rice Pilaf with Vermicelli. Round out the meal with an Orange and Radish Salad with Arugula, and perhaps finish things with our Double Chocolate Pudding.

Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Cutlets

Holidays with Asian Flavors

Published December 1, 2007.

We've composed a Chinese-inspired holiday menu that the whole family can prepare together.

Pork and Cabbage Dumplings—Wor Tip

Prime Rib Dinner for 8

Published December 1, 2007.

Guests will be lingering over our perfectly grill-roasted prime rib, aching for our rich twice-baked potatoes, and pining for our fallen chocolate cakes.

Grill-Roasted Prime Rib For Charcoal Grill

Chili Supper for 8

Published December 1, 2007.

Our bold and flavorful chili can remedy the dullest of menus. Enjoy with our moist cornbread, refreshing orange and radish salad, and cream cheese brownies.

Our Favorite Chili

Italian Dinner for 6

Published December 1, 2007.

For those who long to taste the very best of Italian cuisine, we developed this menu with you in mind. Our menu features a wilted spinach salad, braised beef, creamy polenta, and a classic panna cotta.

Classic Panna Cotta

Italian Pork Roast for 6 to 8

Published December 1, 2007.

For this Tuscan-inspired menu, we played with herbs and spices to create the perfect garlic-rosemary roast pork loin. Finish with a creamy panna cotta with berry coulis.

Tuscan-Style Garlic-Rosemary Roast Pork Loin with Jus

International Appetizers

Published December 1, 2007.

We've gathered signature recipes from around the world for our global cocktail party; most have make-ahead suggestions or can be served at room temperature.

International Appetizers

Holiday Ham Dinner for 8

Published December 1, 2007.

This is comfort food at its best. From rich butternut squash soup to fresh ham roast and smashed potatoes, our Holiday Ham menu is sure to satisfy.

Roast Fresh Ham

An Italian Holiday Party

Published December 1, 2007.

Serve the antipasti before sitting down; we've made several suggestions but feel free to add your own. The Fettuccine Alfredo should be served immediately, but it can be prepared while the roast pork is resting; start the water boiling and the cream sauce reducing when you remove the pork from the oven. For easiest preparation, blanch the broccoli rabe well ahead of time, You can make the tart several days ahead and the tiramisu up to 24 hours before serving.

Fettuccine Alfredo

Southern Favorites for 6 to 8

Published December 1, 2007.

This is Southern food at its finest—rich, satisfying, and flavorful. Oozing down-home comfort, our crab cakes, Creole-style shrimp and sausage gumbo with rice, and biscuits are pleasing and easy to prepare.

Creole-Style Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo

Surf and Turf for 4

Published December 1, 2007.

Our velvety shrimp bisque and rich filet mignon unite to create the perfect surf and turf pairing. Served with smashed potatoes and pan-roasted asparagus, this menu is deeply satisfying.

Rich and Velvety Shrimp Bisque

Mexican Night for 4

Published December 1, 2007.

Cross the border for a night with our Mexican-inspired menu. Forget about tacos and charm your guests with chicken enchiladas, an orange jicama salad, and espresso crème caramel for dessert.

Chicken Enchiladas with Red Chile Sauce

Thanksgiving for Small Gatherings

Published November 1, 2007.

All the favorite Thanksgiving classics—from Roast Turkey to Sweet Potato Pie—for a small crowd of 4 or 6.

The Best Sweet Potato Pie

Multinational Tapas Menu

Published October 15, 2007.

Tapas—small tasting plates of food that can be very simple or very elaborate—are served in Spanish bars along with the before-meal sherry. We've adapted this idea to create a hearty appetizer menu that includes a tapas-type specialty from different countries.

Scallion, Parmesan, and Black Pepper Gougères

Easy Labor Day Cookout

Published August 13, 2007.

Serve the pulled chicken on buns, and top with bread-and-butter pickles and even the coleslaw. Finish the meal with easy bar cookies and a summer fruit salad.

Barbecued Pulled Chicken for Charcoal Grill

Caribbean Grill

Published July 24, 2007.

Garlicky, roasted meat is a lesser known Caribbean specialty. Our Cuban-style Pork Roast, accompanied by a bright mojo sauce (and maybe a mojito), is great for a large summer party. If you don't want to prepare the Mexican rice, other traditional accompaniments include black beans, rice, and fried plantains.

Cuban-Style Oven-Roasted Pork

Salmon Dinner for Two

Published June 12, 2007.

Broiled Salmon, Arugula Salad, Roasted Green Beans, and a Chilled Lemon Soufflé come together for a lovely meal for two.

Broiled Salmon with Mustard and Crisp Dilled Crust

Soup and Sandwich Supper for Two

Published June 12, 2007.

Impress your other half with our simple dinner of quick clam chowder and grilled cheese sandwiches that explode with cheddar flavor. Saving room for our low-fat chocolate pudding will be easy.

Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Classic Cookout Favorites

Published May 23, 2007.

Ribs and burgers on the grill are always summer favorites. We add deviled eggs, potato salad, and chocolate cupcakes for a classic cookout meal.

Barbecued Baby Back Ribs For Charcoal Grill

Prime Rib and Potatoes on the Grill

Published May 23, 2007.

Take elegant dining outdoors with our prime rib and grilled potatoes. Finish the meal with the Ultimate Turtle Brownies.

Grill-Roasted Prime Rib For Charcoal Grill

A Southern Fried Chicken Picnic

Published April 30, 2007.

The fried chicken should remain crisp and moist whether served warm or at room temperature. For other traditional flavors, we've added Corn Bread, Peas with Ham and Mint, Strawberry and Rhubarb Compote with Sugared Pecans, and Vanilla Bourbon Cake.

A Southern Fried Chicken Picnic

Lighter Macaroni and Cheese Menu

Published April 24, 2007.

Our recipe for Everyday Lighter Macaroni and Cheese uses several tricks to cut fat, including replacing full-fat cheese with low-fat cheddar, and using cornstarch as a thickener instead of a butter roux. Serve with a Simple Green Salad with Orange-Lime Vinaigrette and end the meal with our Lighter Strawberry-Rhubarb Cobbler.

Everyday Lighter Macaroni and Cheese

Lighter Comfort Foods

Published April 20, 2007.

Just because you want to eat healthier doesn't mean that favorites like fried chicken and mashed potatoes are off the menu. Oven-fried chicken breasts are dredged in egg whites, which add no fat, and then crushed Melba toast. Our lighter mashed potatoes get their richness from 2 percent milk, low-fat sour cream, and just a small amount of butter.

Light New York Cheesecake

Pasta Caprese Menu

Published April 20, 2007.

The tomatoes, pasta, and basil in Pasta Caprese didn't pose many challenges. The problem was the mozzarella. In every version we tried, it clumped into a gooey softball-sized wad in the bottom of the pasta bowl. To prevent a cheese meltdown, we found an unlikely solution in the freezer. Serve alongside our Simple Green Salad with Orange-Lime Vinaigrette and Summer Berry Pudding.

Pasta Caprese

Light Sandwich Menu

Published April 11, 2007.

Three simple steps eliminate the twin problems—watery texture and bland flavor—of tuna salad: Use quality, water-packed tuna, drain it and break down the chunks with your fingers, and season the tuna before adding mayonnaise. As for the egg salad, dice the eggs before combining all the ingredients to keep the salad from turning pasty. Both these salads can be served in a sandwich or on a bed of lettuce for a light meal. Serve with our Light Peanut Butter Cookies.

Curried Egg Salad
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