Equipment Reviews

  • Funnels

    We wanted to find funnels that wouldn't back up or wobble when filled.

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  • Vertical Roasters

    Vertical roasters cook poultry evenly and crisp the skin all over—and you don’t have to turn the bird the way you would on a traditional V-rack.

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    Bowl Scrapers

    The best way to remove sticky, soft dough or runny batter from a bowl is with this hand-held spatula that fits between your palm and fingers.

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  • Innovative Teapots

    We tested small teapots with unusual strainers and dispensing mechanisms that promised to make dealing with loose tea mess-free.

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  • Blenders

    All we ask of a blender is that it can crush ice and produce a smooth puree. So why can’t more models deliver?

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  • Counter Protectors

    Do you really need an extra piece of equipment to protect your countertop, or will a heavy cloth suffice?

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  • Dry Storage Containers

    We wanted a large, airtight container with an opening wide enough to accommodate a measuring cup. Did we find what we were looking for?

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