How Tos

  • Inexpensive Steak Primer

    What are some inexpensive steaks and what do they taste like?

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  • Best Apples for Baking

    A combination of sweet and tart apples works best in pie. These six varieties, all of which retain their shape when cooked, were our favorites in kitchen tests.

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  • Packaged Squash

    Is pre-peeled, pre-cut squash an acceptable substitute for fresh?

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  • Three Methods for Determining Doneness

    Few kitchen mishaps are more frustrating than improper cooking. Here's how to cook food right every time.

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  • Knowing When Cookies and Brownies are Done

    Here are our tips to determining when cookies and brownies are done.

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  • The Best Inexpensive Steaks

    We taste-tested 12 inexpensive steaks to find which were pan-worthy.

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