How Tos

  • Basmati Rice vs. Jasmine Rice

    It's easy to confuse raw jasmine and basmati rices: They're both long-grain varieties, and both contain a compound that can give them a popcorn-like aroma. Here are the main differences.

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  • Fresh Turmeric vs. Dried Turmeric

    Here's your quick introduction to turmeric.

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  • How to Buy, Clean, and Store Dried Chiles

    We made our way through more than 250 dried chiles while developing a recipe and learned a few tips along the way.

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  • Iodized Salt vs. Noniodized Salt on Food Flavor

    Is there a taste difference when using iodized or noniodized salt in recipes?

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  • Is Storebought Prepped Garlic OK to Use?

    Peeled cloves, jarred minced garlic, or garlic paste in a tube: trusty timesaver or questionable flavor?

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  • How to Cook Bulgur, Millet, and Quinoa in a Rice Cooker

    Put your appliance to work with these three rice cooker-friendly grains.

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  • Why Use Ice Water in Bread Dough Recipes?

    Here's why colder water makes better dough for yeasted bread and pizza.

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  • How to Make the Best Whole-Wheat Pie Dough

    Can you make pie crust that's just as flaky and tender using whole-wheat flour or rye flour? You bet.  View this how to
  • The Easiest Way to Clean and Reuse Frying Oil

    Here's a quick way to remove solids from used frying oil.

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  • How to Make Nitro Cold-Brew Coffee

    Plus, learn how to make cold-brew coffee concentrate in record time.

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