Equipment Reviews

  • 9-Inch Tongs

    We typically reach for 12-inch tongs to protect our hands from heat and messes, but we decided it was time to shine the spotlight on their shorter sibling.

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  • Pastry Brushes

    Finding the best pastry brush is a delicate business.

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  • Cuisinart Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker

    Cold-brewed coffee in 25 minutes instead of the standard 12 to 24 hours: the real deal or too good to be true?

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  • Digital Instant-Read Thermometers

    We've recommended a Thermapen for more than a decade, but there's new competition. Is it still the best digital thermometer?

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  • Collapsible Steamer Baskets

    A bad steamer basket can be a hot mess. Could we find a good one?

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  • Chef's Knives for Kids

    When kids help in the kitchen, they need real tools—not toys. Which knives are safe, effective, and comfortable for children?

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