How Tos

  • Why You Should Weigh Confectioners' Sugar

    If your goal is an icing with a graceful drizzling consistency, we strongly recommend that you weigh your confectioners’ sugar.

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  • How to Choose a Sweet Potato

    Sweet potato varieties with orange or red skin and deep orange flesh, including Red Garnet (our favorite) and Jewel, cook up sweet and moist.

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  • What Is Shiso and How Do I Use It?

    This aromatic, heart-shaped leaf can be so much more than a decorative garnish for sushi.

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  • How to Cook Baby Kale

    Since it came onto the scene, baby kale has been billed as a salad green. But, we wondered, why not cook it?

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  • How to Gauge Tofu Texture

    The best way to eliminate ambiguity is to use the names as a general guideline and then inspect the protein content per serving listed on the package.

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  • Easiest Way to Grate Apples

    Here's the best way to grate apples by hand.

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  • How to Divvy Up the Frosting for Layer Cakes

    Here's the best way to divide up your frosting between layers.

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  • A Simpler Julienne

    This simpler, more casual technique will yield sticks that vary a bit in length, but we think it’s fine for most applications.

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  • Butchering with a Paring Knife

    The small size of a paring knife makes it much more maneuverable than a larger chef’s knife for certain butchering tasks.

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  • Chocolate in the Microwave: Less Fussy and Faster

    Our preferred method for melting chocolate is to use the microwave, whether it’s to simply liquefy it (for a frosting or a cake) or to temper it (so it hardens into a shiny, snappy glaze).

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  • Quickest Way to Cool Hot Liquids

    It’s important that liquids are cool before you put them in the refrigerator; if the liquid is too hot, it will increase the temperature inside the refrigerator and potentially cause food to rise to unsafe temperatures.

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  • Baking with Raw Sugars

    We baked muffins, sugar cookies, layer cakes, and shortbread with granulated sugar and Demerara and turbinado sugars and compared the texture, flavor, and appearance of each.

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  • How to Cook Pasta for a Crowd

    You can cook two pounds of spaghetti, fusilli, ziti—or any other type of pasta—in a single pot. View this how to



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