How Tos

  • For a Touch of Tang, Try Sumac

    In the test kitchen, we most often reach for a lemon when we want to brighten a dish’s flavor, but there’s another way: Simply add some of the lemony spice known as sumac.

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  • Figuring Out Dried Figs

    When shopping for dried figs, you will most often find the following three options: Black Mission, Calimyrna, and Turkish (often labeled Smyrna). The latter two are actually the same variety of fig.

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  • Red or White Wine Vinegar: Does it Matter in Dressing?

    Though most of us like to keep a well-stocked pantry at home, there are definitely occasions when we have red wine vinegar or white wine vinegar but not both.

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  • The Best Way to Prep Mangoes

    Cutting the flesh from a mango can be tricky.

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  • Knife Tune-Up: How to Use a Honing Steel

    Instead of sharpening a knife, a honing steel "trues" the edge of a slightly dulled blade. So how do you use it effectively?

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  • Why Bread Dough Needs Oil

    The differences between some bread dough recipes, with and without oil are subtle but important.

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  • Three Tips for Roasting Chile Peppers

    After developing our method for roasting and peeling bell peppers, we were eager to try it on other pepper varieties.

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  • How to Store Fresh Shellfish

    Fresh shellfish need to be stored in as cold an environment as possible.

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  • White Chocolate versus White Baking Chips

    While developing the filling for our Fresh Fruit Tart, we found that fillings made with bars of white chocolate were too loose to slice neatly and couldn’t hold the fruit in place.

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