How Tos

  • What to Do with Pea Greens

    The best way to prepare pea greens.

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  • The Best Way to Store Rhubarb

    It turns out that the best method we’ve found for storing celery also works for rhubarb.

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  • Pricing Chicken Parts

    Chicken breasts have the highest yield of meat per pound of all chicken parts, but they’re not the most economical cut.

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  • How to Cook with Chayote

    Chayote can be eaten both raw and cooked. Here's the best way(s) to prepare it.

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  • Spotty Cabbage Leaves

    When shopping for napa cabbage, we’ve noticed that some heads have tiny black spots, about the size of ground pepper, on both the leaves and ribs.

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  • Pancetta versus Prosciutto

    Pancetta and prosciutto are often confused, since both are traditional Italian cured pork products that taste deeply savory and salty.

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  • Troubleshooting a Weak Flame on a Gas Grill

    If you are experiencing a weak flame from your gas grill, try these troubleshooting tips before refilling the tank.

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  • Seasonings Beyond Salt and Pepper

    While salt and pepper are always a consideration for final tweaks, our test cooks also look to a range of other pantry ingredients that can help bring a dish into just the right balance.

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  • Cooking Class: Boil versus Simmer

    Whether we call for boiling or simmering in a recipe depends on the situation.

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  • Is Tofu Worth Marinating?

    We know that, contrary to popular belief, marinades do most of their work on the surface of meat and poultry.

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  • Recrisping Stale Crackers and Cookies

    Bring your stale cookies, crackers, and chips back to life.

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  • 5 Steps to Perfect Pizza Dough

    The key to great pizza crust is to handle the dough as gently—and as little—as possible.

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  • Lazy Cook’s Frosting

    This simple frosting takes just about a minute to make.

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