How Tos

  • Fresh Curry Leaves

    While sometimes used in curries, curry leaves are unrelated to and only rarely found in curry powder—and they are definitely not a curry powder substitute.

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  • Peeling Asparagus—Is It Worth the Fuss?

    What's the best way to prepare asparagus spears for cooking?

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  • Seeking Out Authentic Basmati

    Supermarket shelves teem with a multitude of boxes, bags, and burlap sacks labeled “basmati.” Does it matter which you choose?

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  • Squeaky Clean Leeks

    The best way to prep leeks for cooking.

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  • Avoid Old Eggs When Hard-Cooking

    Conventional wisdom holds that when making hard-cooked eggs, you should choose older eggs rather than fresh ones. Is conventional wisdom right?

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  • A Tidy Way to Avoid Skin on Custards

    A thin, dry “skin” forms on the surface of puddings because as the mixture is heated. Can this be avoided?

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  • Tips for Buying Brisket

    Butchers typically sell two types of brisket: flat cut and point cut. What's the difference between the two?

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  • Jerusalem Artichokes: Another Tasty Tuber

    Jerusalem artichokes are neither from Jerusalem nor are they artichokes. So, what are they?

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  • The Best Way to Salt Chicken Breasts

    In the past we’ve advised working your fingers between the skin and flesh to apply salt to chicken breasts. But doing so can be messy and awkward. Here’s our new approach.

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  • Season Your Salad, Not Just the Dressing

    Even though most salad dressing and vinaigrette recipes contain a measured amount of salt, most professional cooks like to season the salad itself as well. Here's why.

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  • Roasting Temp and Resting Time

    Whether it is a pork tenderloin or a large beef roast, we always let meat rest after roasting.

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  • Lighten Up (Your Cake Pans)

    Do you have to buy a set of light pans just for cakes? Not necessarily.

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