• Peri Peri Grilled Chicken

    The key to making this spicy African dish is to treat it like classic barbecued chicken—but give it kick.

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  • 100 Percent Whole-Wheat Pancakes

    Forget everything you’ve heard. The more whole-wheat flour you use, the more tender (and foolproof) the pancakes will be. Just be sure your flour is fresh.

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  • Ultimate Charcoal-Grilled Steaks

    The secret to delivering a charcoal-grilled steak with a killer crust and perfectly cooked meat from edge to edge? Keep the coals in the chimney.

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  • Fried Brown Rice with Pork and Shrimp

    We figured out a single substitution that both eliminates the need for leftover rice and makes the dish less greasy.

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  • Italian Sausage with Grapes and Balsamic Vinegar

    This humble Italian supper celebrates the natural pairing of sweet and savory. But to make it great, we had to test every possible way to cook sausage.

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  • Cherry Clafouti

    This baked French custard studded with fresh fruit would be a simple and satisfying dessert—if we could nail its finicky texture and prevent the cherries from turning soggy.

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  • Grilled Whole Trout with Marjoram and Lemon

    Grilling whole trout is quick and easy; plus, its crisp, smoky skin is a perfect complement to its mild-tasting meat. The only problem? Getting it off the grill in one piece.

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  • Modern Succotash

    Move over, limas. A new type of bean relieves this side dish of its suffering.

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  • Roasted Tomatoes

    Our roasting method concentrates the flavor of peak-season and supermarket tomatoes alike.

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  • Israeli Couscous with Lemon, Mint, Peas, Feta, and Pickled Shallots

    These pasta pearls can revitalize a picnic salad—but first you have to cook them right.

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  • Knife Sharpeners

    What if you could buy a sharpener that not only repaired the new breed of ultrathin chef’s knives but also honed the wider cutting edge of more traditional blades?

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  • Science: The Secrets of Cooking Rice

    Despite what many cookbooks suggest, rice-to-water ratios can’t simply be scaled up proportionally.

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