How Tos

  • What are Garlic Scapes?

    What are garlic scapes, and what is the best way to use them in cooking?

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  • The Best Way to Rinse Rice

    To ensure light, fluffy white rice, we always rinse the raw grains before cooking. But it can be hard to recognize when the water has become clear. What's the best way to tell?

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  • Farro: The Fast-Cooking Whole Grain

    Usually, when a grain is sold as “semi-pearled” or “pearled,” it will cook faster than “whole” grains. But farro is an exception.

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  • Substituting Black Pepper for White Pepper

    Can black pepper be substituted for white pepper in recipes?

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  • Storing Half an Onion

    What's the best way to store half an onion?

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  • Dough Whisks: Not Just for Dough

    We’ve come to realize that the dough whisk is more versatile than its name reveals.

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  • Toasting Nuts in the Microwave

    There’s another option for toasting nuts: the microwave.

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  • Macerating vs. Salting

    What are the scientific differences between salting vegetables and macerating fruit?

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  • Pie Crust Crimping with Style

    If your decorative pie edges are prone to drooping, try swapping the usual fluted crimp for a rope crimp.

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  • Why Animal Fats Taste So Good

    Why does animal fat taste so much better than plant-based fats in certain cooking applications?

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  • For a Clearer Stock, Simmer; Don't Boil

    Yes, it takes longer, but sometimes there's a good reason for cooking low and slow when making stock.

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  • Science: Substituting Dried Herbs for Fresh

    When fresh herbs aren't readily available, it can be tempting to swap in dried herbs when a recipe calls for fresh. How well does this work?

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  • DIY Decaf Tea? Don't Bother

    Most decaf teas are generic blends that lack complexity, so many tea lovers try to decaffeinate high-quality tea at home. But is it worth it?

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