How Tos

  • Storing Cucumbers and Squash in Plastic Wrap

    We wanted to know if wrapping American cucumbers in plastic—as seedless English cucumbers are packaged—would preserve freshness.

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  • Don't Buy Garlic that Smells like Garlic

    The sniff test is a common approach for testing produce prior to purchase, but when it comes to buying garlic, a strong aroma is a bad sign.

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  • Aleppo Pepper

    To add a more nuanced kick of spiciness to dishes than red pepper flakes can offer, give Aleppo pepper a try.

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  • Using Whipped Cream Cheese in Recipes

    Are regular cream cheese and whipped cream cheese interchangeable in recipes?

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  • Storing Leftover Coconut Milk

    We found a simple technique for bringing frozen, leftover coconut milk back to life.

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  • Explaining Canelé Molds

    These copper molds are used to prepare a French confection known as canelé de Bordeaux.

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  • Reheating Soft Polenta

    Reheating leftover polenta typically yields disappointing results. This tip makes reviving leftover polenta a viable option.

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  • Using a Parchment Cartouche Instead of a Lid

    Faster, more consistent cooking is the hallmark of a cartouche.

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  • For Fewer Blowouts, Bake Your Beans

    For perfectly cooked beans with fewer blowouts, skip the stovetop and head for the oven.

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  • Home Remedies for Grease Stains

    We tested no less than 16 home remedies for grease stain removal.

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  • Black Pepper's Hidden Flavors

    Don’t skip early additions of pepper when a recipe calls for it—the spice will infuse the dish with a noticeable depth.

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  • Better Pan Sauce? Ignore the Rules

    We decided to break all the rules in order to develop more fond and, therefore, better pan sauces.

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