• Science: Crispy Fried Food

    We take a closer look at the purpose of batters on fried foods. What do they do, and how do they work?

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  • Colanders

    A colander is just a bowl with holes, right? Chasing loose pasta around the sink may change your mind about that.

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  • Shredded Beef Tacos (Carne Deshebrada)

    Classic shredded beef tacos are known for their robust meatiness. So why do most recipes use a marginally beefy cut and throw a ton of meaty flavor down the drain?

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  • Lemon Pudding Cakes

    During baking, this dessert’s batter separates into two distinct layers. To ensure top-notch cake and pudding, we’d have to unravel its culinary chemistry.

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  • Pasta with Cauliflower, Bacon, and Bread Crumbs

    How to make this restaurant favorite at home? Crowd the pan and consolidate pots.

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  • Mango, Orange, and Jícama Salad

    Making a vibrant fruit salad with peak summer produce is a cinch, but what are we supposed to do the rest of the year?

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  • Perfect Poached Chicken Breasts

    Hardly anyone poaches chicken anymore—and with good reason: The classic technique is fussy and leads to bland meat. We set out to change that.

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  • Milk-Braised Pork Loin

    In Italy, cooks like to braise pork roasts in milk because it creates an exceptionally rich, savory sauce. But there’s a trade-off: The result is not pretty.

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  • Sesame-Crusted Salmon with Lemon and Ginger

    For a rich, full-flavored coating, we looked to Japan—and the Middle East.

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  • Thai Chicken Curry with Potatoes and Peanuts

    Green and red curries offer big heat and bracing acidity, but the milder variety known as massaman tempts with deeper, more complex flavors.

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  • Thick-Cut Sweet Potato Fries

    Classic French fries made with white potatoes—crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside—set a high bar. We wanted sweet potato fries that could truly compete.

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  • British-Style Currant Scones

    Buttery rich American scones are a coffeehouse staple, but the fluffy and tender British original has a refined appeal all its own.

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