Equipment Reviews

  • Chef's Knives

    One chef’s knife has been a champ in our kitchen for nearly two decades. Can any other blade come close to offering what it does—and at a bargain price?

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  • Innovative Pie Weight

    Blind-baking may no longer require you to handle blindingly hot pie weights.

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  • Rasp Style Grater

    This new grater claims to fix the problem of stuck-on bits of grated materials by employing a built-in squeegee that scrapes off the grated goods and deposits them in an attached container.

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  • Portable Crock Pot

    This device is designed to both transport and warm your food for hot lunches anywhere you can find an outlet.

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  • Mason Jar Drinking Lid

    This device turns canning jars into hipster-y beverage cups.

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  • Herb Keepers

    These devices promise to keep herbs fresh longer. Do they deliver?

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