• Innovative Cookware

    Can newfangled designs improve on—or even stand up to—the tried-and-true pots and pans we’ve used for years?

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  • Brown Rice Salad with Jalapenos, Tomatoes, and Avocado

    When we set out to create bold-tasting salads full of contrasting flavors and textures, we stumbled on a whole new—and better—way to cook brown rice.

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  • New England Lobster Rolls

    The sandwich is easy. The challenges are dealing with a live lobster and knowing when it’s properly cooked.

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  • Perfect Fried Eggs

    A classic fried egg features a tender white with crisp, lacy, brown edges and a fluid but lightly thickened yolk. Could we crack the code to making a perfect one?

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  • Grilled Glazed Pork Tenderloin Roast

    Overcoming pork tenderloin’s challenges—lean, dry meat; mild flavor; and a tapered shape that cooks unevenly—required some rough treatment.

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  • Tunisian-Style Grilled Vegetables

    The North African flavors lured us in; we just had to perfect the grilling method.

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  • Summer Berry Trifle

    To perfect this English classic, we’d need to ensure that the flavors and textures of each layer melded together—but without the whole thing turning to mush.

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  • Fresh Corn Cornbread

    What about a cornbread that actually tastes like fresh, sweet corn instead of cornmeal?

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  • Grilled Lamb Kofte

    In the Middle East, kebabs called kofte feature ground meat, not chunks, mixed with lots of spices and fresh herbs. Our challenge: To get their sausagelike texture just right.

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  • Pasta with Pesto, Potatoes, and Green Beans

    This classic dish comes from the Liguria region of Italy, where pasta and pesto are paired with a surprising ingredient: potatoes.

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  • Sweet and Tangy Barbecued Chicken

    We’ve all had it: chicken with burnt skin, parched meat, and a coat of sweet, goopy sauce. By applying some barbecue know-how, surely we could do better.

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  • Science: A Closer Look at Gluten

    See and feel gluten with this simple kitchen experiment.

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