Equipment Reviews

  • Chain-Mail Scrubber

    Could this little gadget clean cast iron better than oil and salt?

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  • Peanut Butter Mixer

    If you hate stirring natural peanut butter by hand, this may be the gadget for you.

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  • Mortars and Pestles

    We were crushed (so to speak) to learn that our favorite mortar and pestle had been discontinued. But at least we knew what to look for in a new pick.

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  • Wash Basin

    For your most delicate glassware, even handwashing in the sink may be too risky.

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  • Moka Pots

    Before we found a winner, we had to learn how to master the subtle techniques that make these small, inexpensive coffee makers worth purchasing.

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  • All-Purpose Spray Cleaners

    For cutting through grease, grime, and food splatters on counters, stoves, and cabinets, which household cleaning spray is best?

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