Equipment Reviews

  • Test Kitchen à La Carte Knife Set

    Instead of wasting money on a set of mediocre knives (half of which you'll never use), you can create your own set of Test Kitchen all stars.

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  • Best Buy à La Carte Knife Set

    If our Test Kitchen à la carte Knife Set is too expensive for you, we've compiled a list of our favorite inexpensive options.

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  • Magnetic Knife Strips

    When you run out of space in your drawers, a magnetic knife strip offers an elegant solution—if you buy the right one.

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  • Vegetable Cleavers

    It won't replace your all-purpose Western chef's knife, but if you chop a lot of vegetables, this may be your new go-to knife.

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  • Nutcrackers

    Nutcrackers can give your hands a workout and test your patience as you pick shells out of crushed nutmeats. We were after one that just did its job.

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  • Pomegranate Tool

    Picking the juicy seeds (called arils) from a pomegranate can be a messy, painstaking job. This tool promises to change that.

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  • Mini Bundt Pans

    Manufacturers have shrunk the Bundt. Do any perform as well as their full-sized counterparts?

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  • Cast-Iron Pizza Pan

    Since it absorbs and maintains heat so well, cast iron would seem like the ideal material for creating good pizza crust, which requires searingly hot temperatures.

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  • Hearth Grill

    With this handy gadget and a fireplace, you can recreate the experience of cooking over a campfire right in your home.

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  • Knife Block Sets

    Nine pieces of matching cutlery, plus a block for easy storage? It could be a bargain—or a rip off.

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