Equipment Reviews

  • Universal Knife Blocks

    Do "universal" knife blocks hold knives of every shape, size, and make?

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  • Cutting Boards

    We thought we’d picked a winner—until our favorite board warped after just a few years. This time we upped the ante: three months of test kitchen boot camp.

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  • Muffin-Top Pans

    With a muffin-top pan, you can make just the part of the muffin that’s many people’s favorite—the browned, crispy crown—and skip the stump.

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  • Weber Gourmet BBQ System

    Since many grilling gadgets promise more than they deliver, were we courting disappointment with the new Weber Gourmet BBQ System?

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  • Pancake Batter Dispensers

    Pancake batter dispensers are the secret behind restaurants’ quick-to-the-plate, perfectly shaped disks. Is there one that works just as well at home?

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  • Silicone Ice Cube Trays

    Hip lounges and artisan bartenders tout the virtues of superior ice. But do they make a better drink?

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  • Toss and Chop Salad Scissors

    This odd-looking pair of large kitchen shears, sports dual spring-loaded curved blades and a plastic scoop beneath the blades to capture items for slicing. Can it make the cut?

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