• Grilled Barbecued Chicken Kebabs

    Stripped of protective fatty skin, barbecued chicken kebabs don’t stand a chance on a fiery grill. But what if the chicken gets a little help from a pig?

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  • Grill-Roasted Bone-In Pork Rib Roast

    A boneless pork roast sure is convenient. But is something important lost when those bones are cut away? We went out to the grill (and into the lab) to find out.

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  • Pub-Style Burgers

    Hand-ground beef gave us deep flavor, but getting a crusty exterior plus a juicy interior that was evenly rosy from center to edge required a couple more tricks.

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  • Grilled Scallops

    A blazing-hot fire can render scallops beautifully crisp on the outside and juicy within—or cement them to the grates like carbonized hockey pucks.

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  • Indonesian-Style Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng)

    Replicating the complex flavors of this Southeast Asian staple took some thoughtful shopping. But the real challenge was producing firm grains of rice without the usual overnight chill.

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  • Spring Vegetable Pasta

    When the original primavera method took hours—and produced washed-out vegetables and stodgy sauce—we found inspiration in an entirely different classic.

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  • Best Sweet and Tangy Coleslaw

    We wanted a quick, bright alternative to creamy coleslaw, but how do you make a speedy slaw that’s not awash in watery dressing?

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  • Foolproof Crepes

    These thin French pancakes have a reputation for being temperamental divas demanding pampered batter, a specialized pan, and supremely delicate handling. Oh, really? 

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  • Fresh Strawberry Pie

    The key to this dessert’s bright flavor—plump, uncooked berries—can also be its soupy downfall. But how do you firm up the filling without making it gluey and dull-tasting?

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