Equipment Reviews

  • Cherry Pitters

    Anyone who has ever made a dessert with fresh cherries knows that the most daunting task is the pitting.

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  • Smoker Boxes

    For years, whenever we wanted a smoky flavor in gas-grilled food, we wrapped soaked wood chips in aluminum foil packets and placed them over the burners. Would vented metal smoker boxes filled with soaked wood chips do a better job?

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  • Compost Buckets

    Compost buckets offer a “green” way to deal with the odor of food scraps mingling in the kitchen trash.

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  • Meat Grinders

    Meat lovers who appreciate not just a good burger, but a great one, know that grinding your own meat is totally worth the effort—provided you’re using a well-made machine.

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  • Rotary Graters

    Rather than risk scraping our knuckles on a box or rasp-style grater, we prefer to shred cheese tableside with a rotary grater.

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  • Liquid Measuring Cups

    A glut of unusual shapes and gimmicky features is getting in the way of the one thing you want from this basic kitchen tool: accuracy.

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