Equipment Reviews

  • Remote Thermometers

    With a remote thermometer, you can monitor the temperature of your food without holding a lonely vigil at the grill or oven. Or at least you should be able to.

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  • Polder 3-in-1 Timer

    Timing is everything in the test kitchen. Which is why having a good timer is so important.

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  • T-Fal ActiFry

    Frying without cups and cups of oil? Impossible. That was our first response to this product.

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  • Steamer Baskets

    Can new, innovative steamer baskets perform the simplest function: steaming?

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  • Baking Stones

    We fired up our oven and baked pizzas and calzones on five stones ($24-$90), evaluating their performance and design.

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  • Ice Cream Makers

    Hand-cranked wooden barrels chilled with ice and rock salt offer old-fashioned charm, but modern ice cream makers whip up frozen treats with the push of a button.

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  • Nonstick Skillets

    For years we've paid top dollar for a nonstick skillet, only to throw it out when food starts sticking. Could a cheaper pan work just as well?

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  • Cocktail Shakers

    Bartenders ask: Shaken or Stirred? We asked: Cobbler or Boston style?

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