Equipment Reviews

  • Electric Wine Chillers

    Want to cool down that Chablis, quick? Three new electric wine chillers claim they can chill a bottle quicker than your fridge.

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  • Cold Brew Coffee Systems

    Though the method has been around for centuries, cold-brew coffee has only recently gained the notice of caffeine cravers in the United States.

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  • Charcoal Grill Tool Holder

    We love our charcoal kettle grill but often find ourselves wishing it had a place to rest our grill tools.

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  • Home Seltzer Makers

    Home seltzer makers that transform still water into sparkling promise clear advantages.

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  • Glass Food Storage Containers

    With all the discussion about the potential health hazards of plastic storage containers, is glass really the way to go?

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  • Plastic Food Storage Containers

    Why is it so hard to find a container that’s leakproof, opens and closes easily, and goes from freezer to microwave to fridge to dishwasher without warping or wimping out?

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  • Food Choppers

    Chopping a pile of vegetables can be wearisome work even for cooks with sharp knife skills, so the idea of a helper tool sounded appealing.

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  • Meat Pounders

    Flattening a pork or chicken cutlet takes a steady hand and the right tool.

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  • Waffle Irons

    Our old favorite model has been discontinued, so we reopened our search for the most efficient performer.

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  • Dough Whisk

    This handy tool mixes sticky batter or dough without clumping.

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