Equipment Reviews

  • AccuSharp Replacement Blades

    Is it worth spending almost as much for replacement blades as you would for a brand new sharpener?

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  • OXO Cookie Spatula

    A full-size spatula can't navigate between cookies on a crowded baking sheet. Could this cookie spatula do a better job?

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  • Bagel Slicers

    If your confidence around serrated knives is questionable, a bagel slicing machine might be the answer.

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  • Working with Wood Chips

    Adding wood chips to your grill imparts a deep, smoky flavor to your food as it cooks. In the test kitchen, we use wood in two different forms: chips and chunks.

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  • Inexpensive Instant-Read Thermometers

    At almost $100 for our favorite instant-read thermometer, a reliable inexpensive option was a necessity.

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  • Adjustable Electric Kettles

    You could boil water, let it cool, and check with an instant-read thermometer for the perfect cup of tea—or let technology do it for you.

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  • Large Saucepans

    Now that even low-cost manufacturers are offering fully clad cookware, do you still need to shell out $200 for a good pot?

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