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Ipad appicon For almost 20 years, Cook's Illustrated magazine has been THE go-to source for foolproof recipes that work, clever kitchen quick tips, reliable equipment reviews, and trusted ingredient taste tests. In every issue of Cook's Illustrated you'll find recipes that have been tested, 30, 40, sometimes over 50 times until we find a version that we're confident will work for you the first time—and every time—you walk into the kitchen. And because Cook's Illustrated is 100% ADVERTISING FREE, you get unbiased and objective information on every page.

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Step-by-step videos

for each master recipe which will walk you through each vital segment of the cooking process.

Step by step

Expanded review charts

for equipment ratings and ingredient tastings, including all reviews that are related to each recipe.

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A specialized "Cooking Mode" Slide Show

for each master recipe, with large color photos to assist you as you read along with the recipe steps. Each slide is designed to be easy to read and understand while you're cooking in the kitchen.

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Cooking mode 1
Cooking mode 2
Cooking mode 3
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Easy-to-use navigation

that will help steer your way through the magazine—as well as within each recipe.

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And featured in every issue is all the same great content
you would receive in the print version of Cook's Illustrated:

  • Foolproof recipes for everything from starters and sides to main dishes and deserts

  • No-nonsense and up-to-date cooksware reviews of kitchen equipment

  • Honest taste test results on everyday supermarket ingredients

  • Quick tips for everything from no-mess tomato chopping to sting-free seeding of hot peppers

  • Not a single page of advertising!



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