Wrapper Roundup

Published September 1, 2010.

Cookie Sheet Bake-Off

Published September 1, 2010.

When baking cookies, which type of baking sheet reigns supreme: rimmed or flat?

How to "Dry-Clean" Your Spice Grinder

Published July 1, 2010.

The oils in dried chiles can cling to a spice grinder, even after you’ve wiped it with a brush or cloth. Since most grinders can’t be immersed in water, we developed a method to “dry-clean” ours.

Best Method for Kneading Bread Dough

Published May 1, 2010.

These days almost all recipes for bread seem to call for a stand mixer. Does old-fashioned kneading hold any advantages?

Cleaning Wooden Utensils

Published May 1, 2010.

Wooden utensils shouldn't go in the dishwasher. Fortunately, they don't need to.

Mapping Your Broiler

Published May 1, 2010.

Every broiler is different, and it's important to know how the position of your food in the oven will affect the finished dish.

Adjusting the Angle of Western Knives

Published March 1, 2010.

The 15-degree cutting angle on Eastern knives offers more precision than the 20-degree angle on Western knives. Will sharpening Western knives to a 15-degree angle improve their performance?

Pan Handle Angles

Published March 1, 2010.

A well-positioned handle separates a top pot from a lesser vessel, but what handle angle is best?

Making a Foil Sling

Published March 1, 2010.

Try this technique for lifting bar cookies out for baking pans.

Rinsing Raw Meat

Published January 1, 2010.

Should you rinse raw meat in the sink before you cook it?

When Cookware Turns Food Tinny

Published January 1, 2010.

Recipes with acidic ingredients often call for nonreactive cookware; how much will the metals really affect the flavor of the finished products?

Preventing Cross-Contamination

Published January 1, 2010.

One of the most important rules of food safety is to keep raw and cooked foods separate.

Cleaning 101

Published January 1, 2010.

Some of the most effective ways to cut down on harmful bacteria in the kitchen aren't what you'd think.

Preheating a Pizza Stone

Published November 1, 2009.

What are the benefits of preheating a pizza stone in the oven for a full hour?

How to Use a Mortar and Pestle

Published September 1, 2009.

This method for using this ancient kitchen tool will ensure perfectly powdered spices every time.

Rewashing Prewashed Lettuce

Published September 1, 2009.

Should bagged prewashed lettuce be washed again before eating?

Lettuce Storage

Published September 1, 2009.

Here's the best way to store the most common types of lettuce when you get home from the supermarket.

Essential Cookware

Published July 1, 2009.

Here are the core pots and pans we rely on in the test kitchen and recommend for yours.

Indispensable Kitchen Utensils

Published July 1, 2009.

We cleared out the clutter to identify 10 tools and gadgets you can't cook without.

Must-Have Measuring Tools

Published July 1, 2009.

To accurately follow recipes, our seven kitchen-tested favorites are an essential investment.

Need-To-Own Knives

Published July 1, 2009.

Our top chef's knife, paring knife, and bread knife are a cut above the competition.

Bakeware Basics

Published July 1, 2009.

For the best cakes, pies and muffins, our eight top picks offer quality and durability at an affordable price.

Freezer Basics

Published July 1, 2009.

Some basic freezer knowledge will help you better preserve food.

The Problem with Meat Probes

Published July 1, 2009.

Meat probes are one of the best ways to temp meat—or are they?

Cloudy Olive Oil

Published March 1, 2009.

When refrigerated, why do certain oils (like olive) become solid and others (like canola) don't?

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