The Best Time to Shop for Oysters

Published March 1, 2010.

Is it true that you should only eat oysters in months that have the letter "R" in them, or is that just an old wives' tale?

Lobster Tales

Published July 1, 2009.

When I butcher a live lobster to remove the tail for grilling or sautéing, is it important to cook it right away, or can I keep it in the refrigerator a few hours?

White Anchovies

Published March 1, 2009.

Is there any difference between white anchovies and the regular canned variety?

Salmon Primer

Published March 1, 2008.

What are the different kinds of salmon, and how do they differ?

Choosing Seafood for Bouillabaisse

Published September 1, 2001.

We've found that the best bouillabaisse is made from a combination of three groups of seafood.

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