Fish & Shellfish

31 Helpful Cooking Tips

A Vegan Substitute for Anchovies
A Vegan Substitute for Anchovies
Here’s a plant-based way to boost the deep umami flavors in everything from braises to soups.
Published: December 2020
How to Buy and Trim a Side of Salmon
Preparing to cook a side of salmon? Read this before heading to the grocery store.
Published: May 2018
How to Store Fresh Shellfish
Fresh shellfish need to be stored in as cold an environment as possible.
Published: July 2017
Can You Substitute Fish Sauce for Anchovies?
Anchovies typically play one of two roles, and in one of them, you can substitute an alternative.
Published: March 2017
Ideal Doneness Temperature for Wild Salmon
Ideal Doneness Temperature for Wild Salmon
Why does cooking wild salmon to 125 degrees result in dry flesh?
Published: May 2016
Leave the Bands on Lobster Claws
We cooked lobsters with and without rubber bands in separate pots of boiling water and then tasted both the lobster meat and the cooking water.
Published: May 2016
Swapping Anchovy Paste for Fillets
If you don't have minced anchovy fillets on hand, can you save time and avoid fuss by simply substituting anchovy paste from a tube?
Published: May 2016
Removing Pin Bones from Salmon
The best way to remove pinbones from salmon fillets.
Published: November 2015
The Best Way to Measure Frozen Shrimp
When it comes to frozen shrimp, skip weighing them: count out what you need instead.
Published: July 2015
For Even Cooking, Give Salmon a Tummy Tuck
This tip prevents salmon fillets from overcooking, and it only requires a toothpick.
Published: March 2014
How to Reheat Fish
How to Reheat Fish
Fish is easy to overcook, which makes the prospect of reheating leftovers even more daunting. Here's how to do it.
Published: March 2014
Carryover Cooking in Fish
The hotter the oven the more dramatic the effect of carryover cooking.
Published: November 2013
To Eat or Not to Eat: Lobster Tomalley
To Eat or Not to Eat: Lobster Tomalley
What is the green stuff in cooked lobster? Is it safe to eat?
Published: July 2013
Technique: The Best Way to Extract Lobster Meat
There’s a lot more meat in a lobster than just the tail and claws—if you know how to get it.
Published: July 2013
Why You Should Brine Fish
Send your fish back to water one last time before cooking for moister, more flavorful flesh.
Published: May 2013
Making a Vegetarian Substitute for Fish Sauce
Is there a homemade vegetarian substitute for fish sauce?
Published: March 2013
Pink vs. White Scallops
Does a scallop's color affect its flavor?
Published: November 2012
Quick Brine for Prettier Fish
If you hate the unsightly white film that forms at the top of cooked fish, you aren't alone. Here's how to minimize it.
Published: May 2012
Fix for "Fishy" Seafood
While seafood that smells or tastes a little "fishy" isn't necessarily bad, there's an easy solution if you find it unpleasant.
Published: May 2012
Ceviche "Cooking" Times
How long until ceviche is "cooked" through?
Published: January 2012
Taking the Temperature of Scallops
Here's a useful, precise way of assessing doneness in scallops.
Published: September 2011
Shrimp vs. Prawn
Is there really any difference between shrimp and prawns?
Published: May 2011
Crabmeat 101
Here are the most common grades of crabmeat available in U.S. supermarkets.
Published: May 2011
Sizing Up Shrimp
The first step to ensuring perfectly cooked shrimp is buying the right size of shellfish called for in your recipe.
Published: September 2010
The Gray Area of Salmon
The Gray Area of Salmon
What is the gray area of flesh just below the skin of salmon, and is it best to remove it before serving?
Published: July 2010
The Rainbow Effect in Meat and Fish
What causes the shiny, rainbowlike appearance on raw tuna and beef?
Published: May 2010
The Best Time to Shop for Oysters
Is it true that you should only eat oysters in months that have the letter "R" in them, or is that just an old wives' tale?
Published: March 2010
Lobster Tales
When I butcher a live lobster to remove the tail for grilling or sautéing, is it important to cook it right away, or can I keep it in the refrigerator a few hou…
Published: July 2009
White Anchovies
White Anchovies
Is there any difference between white anchovies and the regular canned variety?
Published: March 2009
Salmon Primer
What are the different kinds of salmon, and how do they differ?
Published: March 2008
Choosing Seafood for Bouillabaisse
We've found that the best bouillabaisse is made from a combination of three groups of seafood.
Published: September 2001