Substituting with Evaporated Milk

Published March 1, 2011.

Is evaporated milk a suitable substitute for regular whole milk in baked goods and desserts?

Cooking with Butter Tips and Techniques

Published March 1, 2011.

Get the most out of cooking with butter by using these tips.

Butter Buying and Storing Basics

Published March 1, 2011.

Salted or unsalted? Plain or premium? Whipped or stick? Use these guidelines to find the best butter for your purpose.

Butter Spread vs. Real Butter

Published March 1, 2011.

There's a new Land O’Lakes product in the supermarket called Fresh Buttery Taste Spread. How does it stack up to real butter?

Speedy Way to Soften Butter

Published January 1, 2011.

Grating Cheese Weight and Volume

Published January 1, 2011.

Follow these directions for grate size: It can dramatically impact the outcome of your recipe.

Sweetening Out-of-Season Corn

Published January 1, 2011.

Does cooking out-of-season corn on the cob in water along with whole milk and sugar improve its taste?

Making the Dough

Published January 1, 2011.

Emulsifying with Egg Beaters

Published January 1, 2011.

Are pasteurized egg products a good substitute for raw egg yolks in foods like mayonnaise?

A Good Way to Store Cheese

Published November 1, 2010.

What's the best way to store cheese to keep it moist but prevent it from getting moldy?

Baking with Farm-Fresh Eggs

Published September 1, 2010.

Is it true that freshly laid eggs have different baking properties than older supermarket eggs?

Smooth Ricotta

Published September 1, 2010.

I’ve recently seen Sorrento brand Velvety Smooth Ricotta Cheese in the supermarket. What do you think of this product?

Freezing Egg Yolks

Published July 1, 2010.

A lot of recipes call only for egg whites, but that doesn't mean you need to throw away all of the yolks.

The Perfect Boiled Egg

Published May 1, 2010.

Producing a hard-cooked egg with a uniformly moist yolk and tender white can be a challenge even for an experienced cook.

Preventing Dairy from Boiling Over

Published May 1, 2010.

Why does milk have a tendency to boil over more often than any other liquid?

Shelf Life of Organic Milk

Published May 1, 2010.

Does organic milk have a longer shelf life than regular milk?

Butter Additives

Published March 1, 2010.

Most of the unsalted butters on grocery shelves contain "natural flavorings." What are these flavorings, and why are they added to the butter?

Baking with Greek Yogurt

Published January 1, 2010.

Can Greek-style yogurt be used in place of regular yogurt in baking?

Averaging Egg Weights

Published November 1, 2009.

It's a shame to throw away half the egg when a recipe calls for the yolks or whites alone. This chart will help you minimize waste.

Lighter Béchamel

Published September 1, 2009.

This classic French white sauce is traditionally made with whole milk. Could we lighten up béchamel while still maintaining its rich flavor and consistency?

How the Cheese Crumbles

Published May 1, 2009.

How do the precrumbled cheeses found in the deli section of the supermarket stack up to the same brands sold in solid block or log form?

Salted versus Unsalted Butter

Published May 1, 2009.

Is it OK to replace unsalted (sweet cream) butter with salted butter if you reduce the total amount of salt in the recipe?

Pre- vs. Fresh-Grated Parmesan

Published March 1, 2009.

Do you sacrifice flavor when you pregrate or grind your own Parmesan cheese?

Keeping Butter and Eggs Fresher Longer

Published March 1, 2009.

There are many misconceptions about the shelf lives of butter and eggs. Here are tips to make them last longer.

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