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87 Helpful Cooking Tips

All About Crème Fraîche
All About Crème Fraîche
Here’s everything you should know about this buttery cultured cream and why it's worth seeking out.
Published: December 2020
How to Make Oil-Cured Cheese
How to Make Oil-Cured Cheese
This centuries-old technique helps preserve cheese—and also gives new life to dried-out cheeses.
Published: September 2020
Cooking with Cashew Cream
Cooking with Cashew Cream
Cashew cream is perfect to use as a vegan sub for some dairy products.
Published: September 2020
How to Substitute Cultured Dairy Products
Everybody does it (even though they shouldn't). Here are some tips for doing it well.
Published: May 2005
Grating Cheese Too Far In Advance
Does grating cheese before you need it affect its flavor?
Published: March 2018
Do You Need to Temper Eggs?
We wanted to know if tempering really is all about temperature.
Published: March 2017
How to Determine How Fresh (or Old) Your Eggs Are
The age of eggs doesn’t really matter when you’re frying or scrambling, but we prefer the freshest specimens possible for our Perfect Poached Eggs.
Published: March 2017
Substituting Pecorino Romano for Parmesan
Will Pecorino Romano work as a Parmesan substitute?
Published: November 2016
Getting Nondairy Milks to Froth
When buying alternative milks that you want to froth, make sure gellan is on the ingredient list.
Published: November 2016
Quick Clarified Butter
We recently discovered a faster method for making clarified butter.
Published: July 2016
Cooking with Shelf-Stable Milk
While popular in Europe, shelf-stable ultra-high-­temperature (UHT) milk is rarely used in the United States. We tried it in chocolate pudding and macaroni and …
Published: May 2016
Two Speedy Ways to Soften Butter
A stick of butter takes about an hour to soften at room temperature, so we came up with two methods for speeding the process.
Published: September 2015
The Mayo Advantage for Grilled Cheese
Both butter and mayonnaise produce grilled-cheese sandwiches with crisp, well-browned exteriors.
Published: September 2015
Parmesan Rind Substitutes
We wanted to know if the rinds from other aged cheeses could do the job usually reserved for Parmesan.
Published: September 2015
With Whipped Cream, Temperature Matters
With Whipped Cream, Temperature Matters
Conventional wisdom says to make sure your cream is cold before whipping it, but we wondered exactly how much temperature matters, so we decided to run a few …
Published: July 2015
Using Whipped Cream Cheese in Recipes
Are regular cream cheese and whipped cream cheese interchangeable in recipes?
Published: January 2015
Halloumi Cheese
Some supermarkets are starting to carry halloumi cheese. What’s the best way to use it?
Published: November 2014
Ammonia Odors in Cheese
Sometimes, upon unwrapping a newly purchased fine cheese, a pungent ammonia odor will be released. Does this mean the cheese has spoiled?
Published: September 2014
Browning Salted Butter
Can salted butter be substituted for unsalted when making brown butter sauces?
Published: September 2014
Egg Substitutes for Breading
If you are allergic to eggs, is there anything you can substitute for the beaten egg when breading foods like chicken and eggplant?
Published: March 2014
Why Cold Butter Keeps Sauces from Breaking
Classic French cookbooks call for slowly whisking in cold pieces of butter, a little at a time. We wanted to confirm if this is really necessary.
Published: May 2014
Stabilizing Whipped Cream
Stabilizing Whipped Cream
Is there a way to keep whipped cream from weeping if you want to make it ahead of time?
Published: March 2014
Storing Cream Cheese Frosting
Can a cake with cream cheese frosting be stored at room temperature, or does it have to be refrigerated?
Published: March 2014
Buttermilk Substitutes for Pancakes
Adding lemon juice or vinegar to regular milk in order to approximate buttermilk is a common trick, but some may not like the resulting flavor when used in pan…
Published: January 2014
Yes, You Can Freeze Cheese
We wanted to know how various cheeses would fare when stashed in the freezer for six weeks. The results surprised us.
Published: November 2013
Eggnog: Better—and Safer—with Age
Uneasy about using raw eggs in your eggnog? This method will put you at ease.
Published: November 2013
Why Young Cheese Melts Better than Aged Cheese
Why Young Cheese Melts Better than Aged Cheese
Anyone who’s melted cheese for a sandwich knows that some types melt better than others, turning creamy without releasing fat. What factors account for the diff…
Published: September 2013
Reheating Soft-Cooked Eggs
Can soft-cooked eggs be reheated while maintaining their runny yolks?
Published: September 2013
How to Store Feta Cheese
What’s the best way to store feta cheese if it doesn’t come packed in a brine?
Published: July 2013
How to Make Crème Fraîche and Mexican Crema
Why buy these cultured creams when you can easily make them at home?
Published: May 2013
Rescuing Oversoftened Butter
When softening butter in the microwave it's possible to accidentally oversoften part of the stick. Is there a way to bring melted butter back to solid form?
Published: January 2013
How to Make Ghee
Ghee, typically used in Indian cooking, may also be used as a slightly richer, more buttery substitute in any recipe that calls for clarified butter.
Published: January 2013
Duck Eggs versus Chicken Eggs
Do duck eggs differ in flavor or texture from chicken eggs?
Published: January 2013
Freezing Cream Cheese
Does cream cheese freeze well?
Published: January 2013
Conventional vs. "Real" Buttermilk
Products labeled “real” buttermilk are popping up at supermarkets. Is it different from the buttermilk that you usually see?
Published: November 2012
Great Fake Mayo
Here's our formula for great eggless mayonnaise.
Published: July 2012