Dairy & Eggs

15 Helpful Cooking Tips

All About Crème Fraîche
All About Crème Fraîche
Here’s everything you should know about this buttery cultured cream and why it's worth seeking out.
Published: December 2020
How to Make Oil-Cured Cheese
How to Make Oil-Cured Cheese
This centuries-old technique helps preserve cheese—and also gives new life to dried-out cheeses.
Published: September 2020
Cooking with Cashew Cream
Cooking with Cashew Cream
Cashew cream is perfect to use as a vegan sub for some dairy products.
Published: September 2020
Grating Cheese Too Far In Advance
Does grating cheese before you need it affect its flavor?
Published: March 2018
Do You Need to Temper Eggs?
We wanted to know if tempering really is all about temperature.
Published: March 2017
How to Determine How Fresh (or Old) Your Eggs Are
The age of eggs doesn’t really matter when you’re frying or scrambling, but we prefer the freshest specimens possible for our Perfect Poached Eggs.
Published: March 2017
Substituting Pecorino Romano for Parmesan
Will Pecorino Romano work as a Parmesan substitute?
Published: November 2016
Getting Nondairy Milks to Froth
When buying alternative milks that you want to froth, make sure gellan is on the ingredient list.
Published: November 2016
Quick Clarified Butter
We recently discovered a faster method for making clarified butter.
Published: July 2016
Cooking with Shelf-Stable Milk
While popular in Europe, shelf-stable ultra-high-­temperature (UHT) milk is rarely used in the United States. We tried it in chocolate pudding and macaroni and …
Published: May 2016
Two Speedy Ways to Soften Butter
A stick of butter takes about an hour to soften at room temperature, so we came up with two methods for speeding the process.
Published: September 2015
The Mayo Advantage for Grilled Cheese
Both butter and mayonnaise produce grilled-cheese sandwiches with crisp, well-browned exteriors.
Published: September 2015
Parmesan Rind Substitutes
We wanted to know if the rinds from other aged cheeses could do the job usually reserved for Parmesan.
Published: September 2015
Baking Basics: Temperature of Ingredients
Temperature plays an important role in the behavior of an ingredient. Here are the most important tips and techniques we use to ensure successful results when…
Published: October 2003
Perfectly Centered Yolks
What’s the best way to center egg yolks?
Published: April 2006