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Fitting Pie Dough

By Cook's Illustrated Published September 2010

An imperfect pie dough can be saved with a little last-minute tweaking.

For A Single-Crust Pie

1. Trim dough, leaving ½-inch overhang.

2. Roll overhang under to make flush with lip of pan. Crimp edges (see “Making a Decorative Pie Crust Edge” below).

For A Double-Crust Pie

1. Unroll untrimmed top piece of dough over filled pie, taking care not to stretch it and create thin spots. Trim overhanging edges of both crusts to about ½ inch.

2. Press edges of top and bottom crusts together well to prevent leaking, then fold edges underneath to make flush with lip of pan. Crimp edges.

3. Use a sharp knife or biscuit cutter to cut vents in top.

• For drier fruit fillings like apple, cut four 1-inch slits.

• For juicier fillings such as blueberry (which need more ventilation to encourage evaporation), cut more slits. Alternatively, punch wider holes with a biscuit cutter before transferring top crust to pie plate.