Guide to Marinating for Flavor

This chart provides a general guide to amounts of marinade and marination time when using low-acid marinades, designed to provide flavor rather than to tenderize.

ProductAmount of MarinadeOptimum Marinating Time
Beef1/4 cup per pound of beef24 hours
Chicken, skin on1/4 cup per pound of chicken24 hours
Chicken, skinless1/4 cup per pound of chicken3 hours
Delicate white fish (e.g., flounder)2 tablespoons per pound of fish15 minutes
Strong-textured fish (e.g., tuna)2 tablespoons per pound of fish30 minutes
Absorbent vegetables (e.g., zucchini)3 tablespoons per pound of vegetables1 hour
Thick-skinned vegetables (e.g., bell pepper)2 tablespoons per pound of vegetables15 minutes

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