A Better Way to Scrape the Bottom of Your Food Processor Bowl

Here's how to swipe up ingredients trapped beneath the blade without nicking your rubber spatula at the same time.

When using a food processor to make cake batters, mayonnaise, nut butters, or even pate a choux, it’s important during mixing to scrape the bottom of the bowl, not just the sides, to make sure that the mixture is well combined. But if you’re like us, you’ve nicked countless rubber spatulas by trying to jam the tool under the blade to swipe up any trapped ingredients. The way to avoid this turns out to be incredibly simple: Press the top edge of the spatula head firmly against the bottom of the processor bowl and push it against the (blunt) concave side of the blade until any trapped matter is loosened and can be swept up by the spinning blades.

TRY THIS SIMPLE TRICK: Press spatula head firmly against bowl bottom, then push forward against concave side of blade.

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