Everything you need for the best-ever Thanksgiving dinner

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving dinner has never been easier with these easy-to-follow recipes for all the essentials, from simple sides to the main dish.

Ultimate Thanksgiving Recipes

Pumpkin pie spiked with rum, sweet potato casserole sprinkled with bacon, potatoes roasted in duck fat—these are your classic Thanksgiving recipes dialed up a notch.

Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes

Rely on these impressive recipes for lots of flavor without the before-the-meal fuss and stress about whether it "will turn out right."

Featured on TV

These Thanksgiving recipes have been given the star treatment, having been prepared on TV by the cast of our two popular cooking shows, America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country.

Best Turkey Recipes

Over the last 20 years, we've literally cooked thousands of turkeys to perfect the methods and techniques to make a better, easier bird. Our tried-and-true Thanksgiving turkey recipes, which take out all the guesswork, are worth the investment.

Best Gravy and Stuffing Recipes

If turkey is the star of Thanksgiving, gravy and stuffing are the supporting actors. These recipes will steal the show.

Best Vegetable Recipes

Gone are the days of dull, overcooked vegetables. We've collected our favorite recipes for crisp, colorful vegetable side dishes that deserve their own place in the spotlight.

Best Potato Recipes

There are few Thanksgiving dishes more pleasing to a crowd than potato-centric ones—from mashed to roasted. If you're as serious about your spuds as we are, you'll trust our bulletproof recipes for this humble vegetable.

Best Sweet Potato Recipes

Sweet potato casserole is a Thanksgiving classic, but it’s not the only way to prepare the vibrant root vegetable. From crispy wedges and creamy mash to light, refreshing potato salad, these recipes celebrate the versatility of the sweet potato.

Best Bread and Biscuit Recipes

No Thanksgiving plate is complete without a dinner roll, fluffy biscuit, or slice of cornbread. This year, forget about the store-bought options and make your own with one of our foolproof, easy-to-follow bread recipes.

Best Soup Recipes

With the right recipe, a soup course can be a memorable addition to your Thanksgiving menu. Turn some of your favorite fall vegetables into creamy, unforgettable soups with these foolproof recipes.