Our Tried-and-True Method for Light, Creamy Potato Salad

By the editors of Cook's Illustrated

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Two surprising ingredients lighten up this classic summer side.

Potato salad is an easy dish to make and transport to a summer potluck. But all too often the star of the show is mayonnaise, rather than the recipe’s namesake ingredient. We found that the secret to a creamy and light potato salad is to emulate the Austrian: Ditch the mayo and look to the soup pot.

We boil the spuds in a shallow pan with chicken stock, water, sugar, and salt, which leads to deeply flavored potatoes. We also found that adding a surprising ingredient, white vinegar, expanded the window of time during which the spuds go from properly cooked to mushy and broken. This is because potato cells are held together by pectin, a large molecule that acts as a glue. This glue weakens when heated in water, allowing the cells to come apart, which first softens the potato and then breaks it apart. Vinegar’s acidity slows the breakdown of pectin, expanding the amount of time between the point when a potato starts to soften and when it fully breaks down.

We use Yukon Golds in this dish, as they have just enough starch to contribute creaminess without breaking apart. To finish our potato salad recipe, we add mashed potatoes to the dressing, which thickened it perfectly every time.


1. COOK IN BROTH: Chicken broth adds more flavor than simply using water.

2. REDUCE LIQUID: The concentrated cooking liquid forms the base for the dressing.

3. MASH SOME SPUDS: Adding a small amount of mashed potatoes thickens the dressing without mayo.

4. STIR IN REMAINING POTATOES: The combination of mashed and intact potatoes create the perfect consistency. We then add in Dijon mustard, some oil, onion, cornichon, and fresh minced chives for the perfect combination of savory flavors in our salad.

RECIPE FOR MEMBERS: Austrian-Style Potato Salad

Make this perfect potato salad for your next summer gathering. The finished dish is creamy and loose, with chunks of potato that keep their shape but are very tender.

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