9 Mother’s Day Recipes to Make Mom Happy

By the editors of Cook's Illustrated

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Homemade food—like crepes, for example—is the quickest way to a mother’s heart.

What’s the best gift you can give a mother? Respite from the day-to-day, most likely—and a heartfelt card, of course. This year, give the special mother-figure in your life a chance to put her feet up while you take care of breakfast. And while you don’t have to serve it to her in bed (crumbs can be an issue), we recommend doing the dishes without even being asked.

  Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

RECIPE FOR MEMBERS: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Does Mom love pancakes? Surprise her with a new twist on a classic favorite. We compensate for the extra weight of the ricotta by doubling the amount of egg whites and whipping them for added lightness. To ensure maximum lift, we add plenty of lemon juice and baking soda, which combine to produce carbon dioxide that super-inflates the egg foam. Warm fruit compotes provide the perfect finishing touch.

RECIPE FOR MEMBERS: Buttermilk Waffles

Our recipe for crisp, fluffy buttermilk waffles starts with replacing some of the buttermilk with a combination of powdered buttermilk and seltzer, which inflates the batter. Adding some baking soda to the recipe gave us buttermilk waffles that were perfectly browned.

RECIPE FOR MEMBERS: Crepes with Sugar and Lemon

These thin French pancakes have a reputation for being temperamental divas demanding pampered batter, a specialized pan, and supremely delicate handling. We found a way to make them less high-maintenance, so you can be confident that you won’t botch a batch of these fancy pancakes for your diva this Mother’s Day.


We love the impressive height and delicate texture of fluffy omelets, and we think your mother will, too. To make sure that the eggs are cooked through but moist and tender, we fold butter-enriched yolks into stiffly whipped whites. We fill our omelets with light but boldly flavored fillings that are sure to satisfy.

RECIPE FOR MEMBERS: Perfect Fried Eggs

We cracked the code to the classic fried egg, featuring a tender white with crisp, lacy, brown edges and a fluid but lightly thickened yolk. It’s a classic dish for the classic woman who knows what she likes.

RECIPE FOR MEMBERS: Baked Eggs Lorraine

The inherent challenge in achieving a perfectly cooked baked egg is that the yolk needs to stay liquid (with a temperature hovering around 150 degrees) while the white needs to solidify (with a temperature of 165 degrees). We rose to the occasion and came up with a clever method.

RECIPE FOR MEMBERS: Marbled Blueberry Bundt Cake

Tossing large, cultivated blueberries into a Bundt cake gave us big blue blowouts and little fresh flavor. We came up with a way to make the star of the show less of a problem, by pureeing the fruit and swirling it throughout the cake.


What should be a satisfying breakfast treat is often a dry, chewy regret, and that won’t do for this holiday. The key to a moist, tender crumb turned out to be choosing the proper oats and treating them right.


Why not really treat your mom this Mother’s Day and make her a decadent dessert for breakfast? This classic French treat boasts a custardy, apple-rich base beneath a light, cakelike topping.

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